Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The rest of the summer....Part 2

For some reason I couldn't finish my last post, so here is part 2....

We ended our summer with one last weekend trip.  The girls, my mom and I (and Kole, of course) went down to Orange County where we met my Aunt Carol from Wisconsin and attended a bridal shower for my cousin's fiance.  All the kids are going to be in the wedding in October down in Carlsbad.  On the way home we stopped at the American Girl store.  The girls' had never been before and they were in awe!  They got their dolls' ears pierced and bought lots of goodies courtesy of birthday money and "Baboom".  They played with their dolls for HOURS when we got home.
Kenna said, "This place is WAY better than Build-a-Bear!!!!"  

While we were away on our "Girl's Trip", Kevin and Kaden decided to go on a "Boy's Trip" to Hume Lake and do a little camping and fishing.  Here's a few snapshots of their fun weekend...
Kaden caught a fish!!!!

It takes a strong boy to help put up a tent!

2 of my favorite people!

The rest of the summer......

Apparently I fell of the blogging bandwagon and disappeared for awhile (a little over 2 months to be exact).  So, what have we been up to since July 4th? Well, let's see........

We celebrated both girls' birthdays in July.  Kayla turned 10 and Kenna turned 7!

Here are pictures from the family birthday party celebrating both of them:

Trying out their new snorkeling gear

Kayla had her first slumber party to celebrate being a DECADE old!  Her friends came over and swam, had a pizza dinner, played games, watched a movie, laughed, screamed, and giggled until wee hours of the night.  They slept for a few hours and then woke up again for more fun and treats.
Snacks poolside 

10 year old girls are silly!

The end result of the game "Spin the Nail Polish"!  A HUGE hit with the girls :)   

Kayla trying out her new sleeping bag

A playroom full of girls

Some of the treats.  Kayla picked zebra and hot pink for her party theme this year.

Tired girls at breakfast

Just one of the many choices for breakfast :)

Next, we had Kenna's friend party to celebrate turning SEVEN!  Kenna had her party at Build-a-Bear this year.  Each girl got to make a bear and pick an outfit.  Then we headed over to Dairy Queen in the mall for lunch and cake.
The birthday girl with her bear and accessory

Kenna, Brooklyn, and Jenna

All the bears

Doing the limbo!

The 7 Year Old!

Playing hot potato with a bear

The party guests and birthday girl and their bears

Lunch and presents

Ice cream cake
On Kenna's actual birthday, we sent Kayla off for a week of summer camp at Hume Lake Wagon Train.  She had such an amazing time!  She came home dirty (only showered twice :)) and tired, but full of wonderful memories.  She can't wait to go again next year!
Kayla and Rylee in front of their wagon

The girls' home for the next 7 days

Since it was Kenna's real birthday, we went up to the Neese's cabin after dropping Kayla off, and had dinner and dessert with everyone.

Monday, July 16, 2012


This year for the 4th of July we decided at the very last minute to make a quick trip over to the coast and spend the day with our friends, the Burton's and the Bergman's.  We left around 10 that morning (after picking our kids up at their cousin's house where they had a sleepover the night before) and made it to the beach by noon.  Our first stop was lunch with everyone at Main Street Grill.  Then we went to the Bergman's beautiful beach house and spent the rest of the day eating, relaxing, hanging out, playing video games, going on a walk along the beach, making smores by the fire pit, and watching the Pismo firework show.  It was very overcast and cool all day....such a nice change from the 100+ degrees at home!  We had so much fun and didn't want to leave - we didn't get home until after 1 in the morning. We are very thankful for all the wonderful friends that God has blessed us with and for this country where we are free to worship Him!
Phoebe and Kole

Monday, July 2, 2012


While we were away at Huntington, Kole turned 4 months!  Here's the scoop on the little guy:

Height - 25 1/2 inches
Weight - 14 lb, 12 oz.
Head circumference - 17 1/2 inches (95th percentile....he must be a "K"!!!)
Sleep schedule:  approximately 9 pm - 7 am, and then a big morning and afternoon nap, with a few catnaps in between
Food schedule:  still nursing :)  started organic, brown rice cereal, which he absolutely LOVES and is now eating twice a day.  No teeth yet.
Likes: his swing, having someone talk to him, standing up, facing forward, eating cereal, chewing on stuff, and baths
Dislikes:  being cuddled, having his face cleaned, and strangers talking to him while he's in his carseat and he can't see mommy.

Huntington Beach

We are back from an amazing week in Huntington Beach with the VanderTuig's, DeHaan's and Atsma's.  We all stayed at the Hyatt and spent the week relaxing on the beach or by the pool.  We had fun dinners out (at one point, our group was 24 people!!!!), made smores at the hotel bonfires, went on walks to the pier, did a little shopping, and just had a grand time!  Definitely hoping it will turn into an annual tradition......
Kole and Daddy sitting in the shade

Kayla getting buried in the sand

Kenna suntanning

Roastin' smores

Kole at the pier

The 6 K's watching the surf competition from the pier

Kaden digging a hole

Kenna & Brooklyn

This is where Kole spent most of his days on the beach, in a sunshade,  sleeping in his swing.

Kendall, Kayla, and Karina (some Kool "K" girls!!!) catching some waves on their matching boogy-boards.

Kaden and Uncle Andrew digging a big hole.

Daddy letting Kole feel the sand for the first time ever!

Cute lil' tootsies!!!!

The 6 K's 

Dinner at Mama D's - party of 24 plus a highchair :)

Kole took some BIG naps on the beach!  He must have loved the sound of the waves :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer, Swimming and San Diego

Well, we are 2 weeks into summer break and have already done so much!  We've been to the local children's museum, done lots of swimming, celebrated Daddy's 36th birthday, and went on a vacation to San Diego for 8 days.  While down there, we spent lots of time with awesome family friends, the Neese's, who recently moved down there.  We went to Sea World, spent lots of time fishing and swimming at our resort, ate California Burritos (YUMMY!!!!) twice, found some amazing drinks called "Chocolate Chills" that are made without any coffee or cow's milk, and just had some great family-time.  Only a few short weeks until our next vacation adventure to Huntington Beach :)
The kids at the museum making designs with colored rice.

Kole helping Daddy blow out his birthday candle! 

On a ride in Sesame Street Land in Sea World

The K's visit Sea World!

The Neese Kid's plus the little K's = a lot of fun munchkins!

Kaden climbed in Kole's play gym for a little brother bonding time